Productivity Engineering

What is this talk about?: This talk is a good introduction to productivity engineering and how Netflix approaches building tools and platforms for their engineers. You can read more about it in their short blog post: Introduction to Productivity Engineering

Who should watch it?: Anyone interested in understanding how we can build modern tools and platforms to enable software developer productivity.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

What is this talk about?: Google hired a PhD level professor in computer science and statistics to analyze how Google does continuous integration and manage hundreds of thousands of automated tests. They break down how googles build process works and how they use statistics to proactively detect flakiness and automatically manage it.

Who should watch it?: Anyone interested in learning more about google’s continuous integration process or want to understand better what causes test flakiness and how we can use statistics to detect it.

What is this talk about?: How feedback from your automated tests enables better decision making by your software development teams.

Who should watch it?: Anyone interested in better understanding how automated tests fit into the larger picture of developing and deploying software.


What is this talk about?: What are the key metrics to look for with effective software delivery? What separates effective DevOps from the ineffective? Dr. Nicole Forsgren shares the painstaking research she has been doing into answering these vital questions.

Who should watch it?: Anyone who wants to understand how valuable DevOps is and which indicators you can look for to see how effective DevOps is in an organization.